Mediation is a voluntary process and all conflicting parties have to freely agree to participate in the mediation route 

Prior to the commencement of the mediation TR Mediation Management will ensure that all parties understand and agree to the objectives of the mediation and have a full understanding of how the mediation process works 

TR Mediation Management will provide an accredited mediator who is competent and knowledgeable in mediation and alternative dispute resolution and who has sufficient time available to devote to the mediation between the parties

TR Mediation Management will provide a neutral mediator who will work with the disputing parties until an agreement is reached which is acceptable to all parties

TR Mediation Management will provide a mediator who will keep confidential any information obtained during the mediation process 

TR Mediation Management offers a training package on mediation processes and how to avoid conflict

TR Mediation Management will provide a mediator who will act as a facilitator where an agreement is required in writing between the parties 

TR Mediation Management will coordinate the location of the mediation and can arrange accommodation, travel arrangements and generally facilitate the mediation logistic





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